CLIENT |  Baylor University's Film and Digital Media Department
SKILL |  Illustration | Print
PROJECT Promotion materials including poster, postcard, billboard, and banner

The Black Glasses Film Festival is an annual event held by Baylor University's Film and Digital Media Department. Every spring, students submit short films, music videos, and documentaries. Historically, the promotional material for this event has been.. less than impressive. About five years ago, one of my professors, Virginia Green, noticed and decided that she could solve the issue. She asked FDM if she could assign a project to her own Identity Design students that was to develop a promotional suite for the event, as a competition. 

Her stipulations: Our design should have a unique concept, explored thoroughly. Our concept must be communicative, eye catching, and clear.

My initial brainstorming session: This is a creative event showcasing work done by students. It's the chance for filmmakers to get to share their own voice with their peers, professors, friends and family. Each of these filmmakers started with a single vision or idea, and expanded upon it. I decided my design was going to capitalize on the concept of vision in a manner that was twofold-- 1) each of the student filmmakers were expressing their own vision and 2) the film festival attendees receive this expression visually. Theoretically, the event is an exchange of vision.

The typographical arrangement associated with a trip to the eye doctor and the play on focused vs. un-focused are elements that support the tagline which reads "Test Your Vision," followed by the definition of vision, "a thought, concept or idea formed by the imagination." 

The promotional package consists of a poster, a postcard, a large banner, a billboard and a tshirt. 

Edit: I was honored to have my design chosen for the 16th Annual Black Glasses Film Festival.