CLIENT |  Jenn Giles Kemper
SKILL |  Identity | Brand Development | Print | Marketing Materials
PROJECT |  a 13 month liturgical day planner, the brand it belongs to and all the extras

Sacred Ordinary Days was started by Jenn Giles Kemper, a spiritual director and business coach located in Waco, Texas. When Jenn first asked me to help her out with "a few graphic design things for her business," I don't think either of us knew what we were getting ourselves into. Since then this project has evolved into a very full-time job. Working with Jenn is super dreamy-- that girl knows how to get things done, effectively but with loads of grace. 

So what is it? The main piece of this puzzle is the 13-month, 542 page, liturgical day planner. This product is something that Jenn has been dreaming of using for the past ten years-  at its core, it is a tool to help integrate one's spiritual life with one's work (or school) life. The dream is beautiful- to help others do work that they were uniquely created to do and to do it with purpose (effectively, joyfully, and sustainably.) 

Inside there are are resources for spiritual formation including:

  • the Lectionary (we draw from the Revised Common Lectionary) 
  • the Seasons and Holy Days of the Liturgical Calendar, also called the Christian Calendar or the Church Calendar 
  • the Daily Office texts found in the Book of Common Prayer 
  • the practice of crafting a “Rule of Life” 
  • a Liturgical Wheel Calendar, redesigned to be elegantly simple and clear 
  • a Prayer Labyrinth to “walk” with your finger instead of your feet, also called a Finger Labyrinth

As well as resources and layouts designed for productivity and focus:

  • three daily projects to focus your attention, with space to notate cues and rests or rewardsfor yourself. This allows you to recognize what each project’s catalyst or bottleneck is, as well as noticing what drains and refills your energy throughout each day, keeping you from burnout. 
  • a section for at-a-glance notes, journaling, or your to-do list 
  • a section for your daily schedule 
  • some intentional white space at the bottom of each page 

We launched our first planner on Kickstarter in the Fall of 2015 and were blown away by the wild success. We now have two main launches per year (November for the Liturgical Year Edition and June for the Academic Year Edition). 

Working with Jenn has allowed me to wear a lot of hats. Design and creative decision making are definitely at the top of the list, but also I've also had the chance to brush up on (or learn) a few other skills: copy writing, editing, social media marketing, mail chimp, mail merger, wordpress, research, etc.